Multiproject has been thoroughly and comprehensively active in the environmental sector, ideally touching the four elements that since ancient times have represented the universe, in which balance and reciprocal harmony were necessary conditions for life to exist.
Mankind has altered – and still does – such balance and our mission is to restore such pristine conditions.

Water is the primary and primordial source of life and often times it is misused, contaminated and wasted by all existing human activities. All this has happened and keeps happening in sea and sweet water, both on the surface and below the ground.
This is why Multiproject devotes most of its efforts to chemical and physical monitoring, purification and sanitisation and water use optimisation in view of an “integrated management” of surface, underground and seawater quality.

Mother Earth is the place where we live and raise our children; still, too often we soil our planet by burying it in waste, contaminating and destroying its forests. This is because we think we have an unlimited resource that, on the contrary, is quite frail and vulnerable.
In this case, too, the soil state monitoring, risk analysis, remediation design and management services provided by Multiproject are crucial to safeguard our resources.

Fire is the primary element representing transformation; as such it identifies industrial processes and the effects they may cause on the environment in terms of gas emissions, water contamination, waste, noise and radioactivity production…
Therefore Multiproject’s monitoring, containment and process optimisation capabilities are quite crucial in this regard.

Air is by definition a vital element, whose purity is for the most part jeopardised by industrial and human processes of the past and the present.
Multiproject, with its air monitoring, chemical and physical gas emission analysis, emission modelling and containment system design and optimisation services, can remarkably contribute to restoring air to its original characteristics.