Multiproject S.r.l. has its own chemical laboratory, accredited by UNI CEI EN ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 (no. 0465), installed at the Gorizia facility and capable of running tests on water, soil, waste and excavation debris.
Moreover, the laboratory is equipped to perform industrial plant gas emissions as well as workplace and public areas air quality controls.
Moreover, Multiproject has a specific department equipped with special devices for radioactive material control.
– Analysis services
– Chemical and physical analysis of water, waste and gas emissions released in the atmosphere
– Micro contaminant analysis (PCDD-PCDF, PCB, IPA)
– Chemical and physical air analysis
– Microclimate, chemical and biological indoor analysis
– Product classification analysis
– Radionuclide identification and classification analysis
– Asbestos microfiber analysis by FCOM


A list of the analysis under accreditation is available here.